Learn To Hit Like A Pro!!!

Attention Hitters – Its never to late to start training!  Are you looking for the best way to improve average and power? Do you want to get away from that momentum-stopping and power-sapping start and stop swing that looks great against soft-toss, but is worthless against top pitching? Watch this video by Professional Hitting Instructor Mike Moore and learn to hit for average and power just like a professional!

The Absolutes of Hitting

Even though many of the best hitters on the planet have completely different swings, their methods all have some things in common.

The 6 Absolutes of a Professional Hitter:

1. Go back before you go forward (lower half load)

2. Walk away from the hands (stride-separate)

3. Keep head in-between feet (maintain dynamic balance, center, axis)

4. Start swing with lower half, ground up (foot, knee, hips, hands last)

5. Take a straight line to and through the ball ( stay inside)

​​6. Maintain balance throughout the swing

More information can be found at John Mallee’s website at www.johnmallee.com

Go One on One With NuSkool!

Hoops Organization Provides Individual Trainingnuskool2

NuSkool Scoring is a group of local coaches who provide individual basketball training and lessons to players of all ages. To get more information or contact them visit their Twitter feed – https://twitter.com/NScoring!



Follow NuSkool and improve your hoops game this fall!

Cambria County American Legion Baseball

Once again, LHSPORTS is proud to publish the Cambria County American Legion Baseball league website online at untitledhttp://cambrialegionbaseball.org. The website features scores, standings, schedules, photos, and statistics of all of the Cambria County American Legion games. The site is updated by league coaches and managers, so while statistics may not be up to the minute, they do provide a glimpse of what each team has been doing this season. So if you are an American Legion Baseball fan, drive by and check out http://cambrialegionbaseball.org and see what has been going on around the league.


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Chances are, if you are reading this then you are one of the thousands of high school football fans who are planning on attending a game or two over the weekend.

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